Emergn officially launch VFQ Online Course and Certification for Product Management

BOSTON and LONDON – February 15th, 2017 – Emergn, a digital business consultancy and professional services firm, today announced the launch of their Online Course and work-based Certification in product management.

Product Management Online Course Launch

Emergn’s VFQ Product Management Pathway has been applied by some of the world’s most iconic companies. The Pathway helps teach a group of learners all of the major concepts of how to research and design value propositions around the needs of customers and users. The approach then helps the learners build their product iteratively to validate assumptions, and ensure that it truly meets the needs of users and creates value. Following the success of their Enterprise Pathway, Emergn decided to make the experience, knowledge and teachings available to a broader market through an online learning platform.

The Economist recently went through this supported version of the course. Denise Law, Community Editor at The Economist said: “I learned a lot in only six weeks. I was particularly impressed with the activity-based nature of the course, which in my view is the best way to learn. I was able to quickly apply what I learned in my daily job and better understand how to work with product managers, developers and UX designers.”

Alex Adamopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Emergn, said “Our customers told us that they want to have Product Managers who can do their job really well, and for their capability to be validated. Emergn needed a way to scale to meet a growing population of Product Managers, and that’s why we built the work-based Certification and validation process. Bringing it online allows us to support our customers at scale.”

The course was built under the Value, Flow, Quality® (VFQ) brand of Emergn, and was developed for enterprises and individuals to learn and implement the skills required to be a successful product manager. VFQ has been used over the years to support large-scale Agile Transformations for Enterprises and uses a Learning by Doing approach to make things immediately practical. The Product Management Course also implements a work-based approach that means people get to learn with products and services they are currently working on.

Elliot Antrobus-Holder, Group Head of Digital Product for TUI said, “VFQ is an education program. Not just a training course. It drives cultural change whilst we learn.”

Adamopoulos, continued, “the product manager is critical in getting new and improved products to market. They hold a deep understanding of the customer, the technology and the business, and are responsible for bringing innovations to life, and working closely with engineering and development teams.”

About Emergn

Emergn’s mission is to improve the way people work. Forever.

Emergn a digital business consultancy committed to helping organizations think new. Dream big. And most importantly, act different. Since technological disruption is changing business, Emergn help organizations evolve and adapt in a Bimodal world to not just compete in this next generation of business but decisively win.

Emergn is focused on empowering people to continuously deliver better products, services and customer experiences. We equip people with the skills needed to drive more enduring and effective change. Helping them establish new models, new ways of working, and new growth channels. Embedding the capabilities that enable businesses to perform at their peak. Time and time again.

Emergn are committed to their clients’ change ambitions, supporting them with consulting, delivery and education services which inspires the confidence to transform from the inside out. From the board to the frontline, they work with people across all levels to manage uncertainty and accelerate organizational change. We share a total commitment to clients’ change ambitions because they are passionate about the impact they can deliver together.

About VFQ

VFQ is a comprehensive work-based education and learning program. VFQ is researched from hundreds of books and articles from the fields of Agile, Lean, design thinking, systems thinking, management, product management, software, manufacturing and many other disciplines. It provides a condensed view and critique that considers the latest thinking and also traditional views on many topics.

Their philosophy is based on the idea that different people learn in different ways, and that the most impactful learning happens when people learn by doing. By understanding things and then applying those concepts directly in their own work. VFQ has been chosen by the British Computer Society (BCS) to underpin their Agile Practitioner Certification.

Press Enquiries:

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