Academy – build and scale the skills and capabilities you need to succeed.

Introducing Academy

Academy is Emergn’s work-based learning product designed to build and scale product management, agile and leadership skills at pace. It teaches the relevant skills and capabilities your teams need to adopt modern ways of working and deliver the transformational outcomes your organization needs.

Problems Academy solves

  • Ensuring L&D teams are supporting organizational change by identifying and providing the skills and capabilities teams need to succeed.
  • Enabling the enterprise-wide rollout of work-based learning to grow high-performing teams while not interrupting the current flow of work.
  • Scaling skills-based training at the speed that makes sense to the organization and its people.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent by creating a culture of continuous learning.

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Academy creates a unique learning environment tailored to your organization’s context and need. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for learners to gain the skills needed to support your organization’s growth and success. At the heart of each learner’s experience is the digital learning platform where:

  • Lessons are designed to be short, impactful, and can be integrated into daily work immediately
  • Learners can choose the time, space, and pace of learning
  • Learners can prove their skills through knowledge-based and practitioner-based assessments
  • Expert support is available to give additional context and application of newly learned skills

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Skills and capabilities delivered

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Learning ecosystem

To ensure education is a lever for transformation, we’ve built a learning ecosystem that includes:

You’ll benefit from an improved workforce with the right skills and capabilities to improve business outcomes, enabling the implementation of change at scale at a sustainable pace.

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Why we’re different

At Emergn, we believe that people and companies can improve the way they work and achieve better outcomes.

This is done by embracing three guiding principles:

Deliver VALUE early and often

Optimize the FLOW of work end-to-end

Discover QUALITY with fast feedback

Together, these principles reflect a pragmatic philosophy of the world of work that you can apply to transform your business or to grow professionally. To help you along the journey, we developed and continue to refine a trusted set of models, techniques and tools, along with unique guidance on concepts, frameworks and methods. We call it VFQ.  Academy is designed for participants to incorporate the VFQ principles into their ways of working.

Measurement and reporting

“If you can measure something, then you have some control over it.”
Georg Joachim Rheticus

In Academy, we use leading to lagging metrics to know how learners engage with the content. Metrics such as NPS and ROTI are helpful. However, the metrics we are interested in are the application of changed behavior and practices to work, both on individuals and at the team level.

We focus on metrics that matter over vanity metrics – the application of the skills in the context of your business:

  • Knowledge-based assessment scores measuring gained knowledge
  • Practices Checklist measuring practices applied

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