Be trustworthy

Years ago, a CEO colleague of mine shared with me that the reason he was able to sleep well was because of the trustworthiness of his right-hand person.

I wanted to know more because we all use words like that and they tend to mean something slightly different to each of us.

He went on to explain that for him it meant having the assurance that this person was just as concerned about the welfare of the business as he was. He shared that this person took it upon himself to sort out problems as opposed to deflecting responsibility or blame. He anticipated challenges and faced them head on and made the effort to ensure other team members were looked after.

Trustworthiness is one of those rare characteristics found in certain people that can often make up for the lack of skill or experience just because they are reliable and you can count on them.


Who is the most trustworthy person on your team or in your organization? Why is that and how would you define it?

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