Domino effect

In our VFQ book on Motivation, we talk about how actions and behaviors can demotivate people and teams when you have two common scenarios; either being held responsible for something you don’t really control or watching others who do have control not be held responsible when things go wrong.

This is often the case when team members and the collective group aren’t clear on their specific tasks and ultimate goals. It’s also something that needs to roll through the wider organization. The old roman proverb of “fish rot from the head” is another way of saying that the leaders in an organization must set the tone on how they want everyone else to behave. In other words, it’s a domino effect – leadership behavior sets off and permeates the rest of an organization.

Sometimes the effects are not felt right away but over time they take root and then become difficult to uproot.


Avoid the blame game and think about how to communicate what’s not working well as a group including your leadership community.

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