Leadership dimensions

It’s nearly impossible to write on leadership as a topic. Each attempt is daunting because there’s nothing new under the sun and who is really an expert on the topic?

It is, however, a topic we are constantly learning about, growing in, and building substance around via three different dimensions:

  1. Skills – what we develop through practice, by osmosis, and through doing the many jobs we get to do throughout a career.
  2. Experience – what we can look back and reflect on; what has given us the understanding and the ability to apply the knowledge we’ve acquired in pragmatic ways.
  3. Character – who we’ve become or are becoming by having the skills and experience we’ve acquired, mixed with our values, which can then help us take others on a journey.

Skills and experience are necessary parts of developing leadership qualities, but it is the development of character, knowing who you are and where your identity lies, that makes the difference between someone who accomplishes tasks and someone who accomplishes tasks while positively impacting the lives of others around them.

How would you define your character and your impact on others?

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