People talk

One of my favorite restaurants is Blue Ginger in Boston. Ming Tsai opened this place many years ago and if you live in the Boston area, chances are you’ve been there or know of it.

One of the key characteristics of Ming’s restaurants is his awareness and adherence to being conscious of the many food allergies that people suffer from.

This is important to him because he’s had to deal with it in his family and he understands that, in some cases, it actually can be a life or death situation. The other side of this is that people talk and as a business owner, he understands that quality, customer intimacy and presentation make all the difference in whether customers return or not. People do talk, whether the talk is positive or negative, and discuss their experiences. Think about it for a moment – many of our decisions to do something or go somewhere are influenced and shaped by feedback from others. This is why feedback is critical to our development but also to the successful outcomes of our work.


What voice(s) influence your work the most? How do the things you share help shape and improve a customer’s journey or the relationships you keep?

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