Webinar: better ways of working

Have you ever wondered how you can adopt new, modern ways of working that advance your organization’s strategic goals, the work you do for your clients, and your own professional development? How can you, as an IT expert, confidently solve the challenges that come your way during the design, delivery, and quality assurance processes?

Possessing agility, the right skill set, and being able to “fix the plane during the flight” have all become increasingly crucial.

Watch the webinar recording to learn actionable principles and practices that will help you and your product team to deliver value at a pace.


Steven has been involved in IT for over 30 years but began to focus on helping teams improve their agility while working with Microsoft on the Domain-Specific Languages and Software Factories projects in 2004. Since then, he has educated thousands of people across the globe and led many Agile education programs in some of the most complex and prestigious organizations. Steven is deeply committed to helping people and organizations improve the way they work, he passes on his knowledge and enthusiasm to leave lasting capabilities and confidence.

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