Emergn Wellbeing Month

Times when employee wellbeing was a ‘nice to have’ seem like ancient history. Nowadays it’s fundamental in every high-performing organization, including Emergn. We care for and invest in people, which comes with many angles, wellbeing being one of them.

Putting people first has always been an absolute must for Emergn, which becomes even more important during these uncertain times. Therefore, while the world is celebrating Wellbeing Week, in Emergn we’ll have a full month of raising awareness to this important topic, focusing on various wellbeing elements – physical, mental, and social, as all of them matter equally.

Our teams and individuals are working from various countries in their homes and local offices, many of them with an “always-on” attitude. We encourage our people to find the harmony between work and their personal life, rather than keeping these two entities separate, which feels harder to achieve in 2021. The goal is to be good at your work and be successful, but also not lacking the time and, what’s even more important – the energy for your family, hobbies and other passions that make your life fulfilled.

What are the secrets of wellbeing? Why this is so important topic for Emergn? Find some of the answers here!

“The secret to wellbeing is remembering you can’t find time as it’s not lost, you have to make time for yourself. Many people speak about work-life balance but in actuality, it’s become work-life integration, and it’s knowing how to prioritize the work we do alongside the lives we live. The whole principle in the Emergn Way on caring for and investing in people is centered on continuously learning how to integrate work and life well and being mindful of helping our people do that. In other words, it’s not prioritizing your schedule, it’s learning to schedule your priorities.”

Alex Adamopoulos

“Well, I don’t really have a secret but there are a few things I try to do every week to support my wellbeing. Mainly I try to get outside as much as I can and then I try and eat (reasonably!) healthy. I like to run 2 or 3 times a week, I find it’s a great way to clear my head and enjoy being outside without any distractions.

As a people-based business, we are the life and soul of our company. We will only succeed if each of us can focus and apply ourselves to our work so ensuring the wellbeing of everyone is absolutely critical. While each of us has own wellbeing secret, the Emergn Way captures the essence of our culture at Emergn, and one of its principles is that we invest in and care for people. A component of this for me, is making sure we think about and support each other. The pandemic has impacted on all of us, so it’s more important now than ever that we check in and support one another.”

Daniel Barton

“There is no wellbeing secret for me. Mostly it is taking care of my mental and physical health. It is interesting work, sports activities, positive emotions, and less stress that all lead to successful work and life integration.

Wellbeing plays a huge part in the success of company’s culture. When people are feeling anxious, unappreciated, and burned-out, company’s culture can’t thrive. When wellbeing is prioritized, positive culture is the ultimate result – people find their work meaningful and are connected to one another.”

Irena Leonenko