How to become a better front-end (JS) developer using ML/AI

Javascript and ML/AI typographic illustration

Unlock your creativity and learn how to build powerful ML-driven JavaScript applications.

Have you thought about adding conversational AI or emotion detection functionality to your JavaScript app? It’s easy. No back-end, no Python needed, just the pure beauty of JavaScript. You will learn how to enrich your front-end app with pre-trained ML models, use ML models with your data and build and train ML models directly in JavaScript.

ML in JavaScript is your next creative skill as a front-end developer! Watch the webinar recording to learn more.



Aldis Erglis

VP of Technology Strategy, Emergn

With over 20 years of experience building software-based solutions for business performance, Aldis is passionate about AI/ML and is recognized as an AI influencer in Eastern Europe. For the past six consecutive years, he has been awarded the Microsoft Data Platform MVP Award, recognizing his technology expertise and outstanding contributions to communities. Aldis created the formation of the largest Data Analysis and ML/AI communities in the Baltics, and over the past three years held more than 100 Meetup group events interacting with more than 2500 community members. He is passionate about sharing his experience and guiding groups interested in building technical knowledge and skills.

Muntis Rudzitis

Lead Data Scientist

Muntis is the Lead Data Scientist and Machine Learning Developer at the Emergn Machine Learning Lab. He focuses on using the latest ML/AI achievements to build the best solutions for client business problems. He holds a MSc. in Data Science from the University of Latvia and has several years of experience in R&D, experimentation, development of end-to-end prototypes and designing machine learning solutions.