Inside Emergn: Bootcamps

The art of knowledge sharing is a necessity for a company to grow and succeed. We think of it as going beyond just having the basic skills necessary to do the job. Equally important is also building the discovery mindset, and acquiring knowledge of business processes, techniques, and behaviors critical to bring the best value to our customers.

We also believe the 70:20:10 model isn’t just a numerical sequence. It’s a Learning and Development model, which holds that individuals obtain 70 % of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 % from interactions with others, and 10 % from formal educational events. We strongly believe that people learn anywhere, at any time, mostly from their work (70) and from others (20). To support this form of learning in a structured, focused, and timely manner, we organized Bootcamps for our people in Delivery and Business Analysis practices.

The aim was not only knowledge sharing, but also building community and strengthening professional belonging. As we have learned, shared professional passion is one of the main conditions to build bonds within the community. This is even more important now when the remote and hybrid work models are most commonly used in our teams.

There was a handful of theoretical and practical sessions held for the Emergn Global Delivery practice, each with an amazing engagement rate from participants, which is the key to success for any event. Therefore, we were deliberate about using different methods and techniques to drive the engagement, like short interviews, polls, questions in chat, short presentations from participants, homework, and many others. You have to get creative to reach high engagement levels during online Bootcamps. However, technologies, when used in the right way, provide many advantages. Here’s what two of the participants said about their experience:

“It was a true pleasure to participate in the Bootcamp dedicated to improving Delivery Management capabilities in Emergn. Topics were relevant for all experience levels and covered VFQ knowledge insights with real-life application examples. In the true learning spirit of Emergn, there were not only theoretical lectures and presentations but also interactive elements during the workshops, experience sharing and discussions, even homework. I look forward to having more workshops like this on a regular basis.”

Maris Purins, Delivery Manager

The best part of the Bootcamp was the chance to connect with evangelists of VFQ and product management. Also, to work within a group of people with shared interests and build connections was no less important. A set of working templates, metrics, and practices we learned during the sessions are very useful in the day-to-day work and already are applied to customer reporting. We gained knowledge that allows us to better understand the nature of the Emergn Way and VFQ approach.”

Alexander Balakin, Lead Delivery Manager

There’s no accidental luck. It requires determined and deliberate preparation. To make a Bootcamp a success, here are six tips from our Global Delivery practice lead Janis Paksis:

  • Gather a team of professionals to support you.
  • Be prepared. Each sessions’ content has to be carefully planned and prepared. Verify with experts before presenting.
  • Visualize. Make sure content reads well and use other tools to support it.
  • Do your homework. Know relevant topics and examples people are facing day to day, so their questions can be answered.
  • Encourage people to engage and share their experience and examples of work situations relevant to the topics you’re covering in each session.
  • Go beyond the expectations. You might realize there are other topics to be included – be flexible along the way and adjust to the audience you have.