My Emergn journey: Elisabetta’s insights as a Senior Consultant

At Emergn, we strongly believe that every interaction we have with our colleagues is a journey that reflects our unique values, culture, and mission. An engaging employee experience inspires performance, strengthens relationships, and promotes personal growth.

We are thrilled to share the first “Emergn journey” story: Meet Elisabetta Conradi, a senior consultant who has been with us for over six years! She is a language graduate who has crafted a super-successful professional journey. Initially joining the team as a product developer, her role shifted to focusing entirely on our online learning capability and managing the Learning Platform full-time. Now she is a key member of our consulting team. Discover Elisabetta’s journey at Emergn:

Tell us about your ‘backstory’ and how you started your career

I studied languages – French and Russian – at university and didn’t have a firm plan of what to do after I graduated. I started out doing customer support and training for a software company that needed a multilingual person who could support their client base across Europe. That’s how I got into the world of IT and progressed through various roles around service management and project management. Like our clients, my company then decided to transition from projects to products, and as a project manager, I became a product manager. This was the beginning of my professional journey. 

Shortly afterward, I joined Emergn as a product developer, working on our education and consulting assets for in-person and online delivery. I also took on the responsibility of managing the precursor to the Learning Platform. My role shifted to managing our Learning Platform full-time, focusing entirely on our online learning capability, before moving to the consulting team last Autumn.

What was the most significant professional challenge you overcame during your journey at Emergn? 

Moving from being a product manager for an internal product to being client-facing in consulting has been an enormous change. I had some experience with the content-creation side of things from my time as a product developer, but the interaction with clients in this context is new. Most recently, I’ve been working on delivering product management education back-to-back, in-person, in a different country (the client is based in Arkansas), in front of more than 30 people. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way. My engagement teammates were really supportive and generous in sharing their experiences.

Tell us about the work you’re most proud of at Emergn

I’m very proud of my work on the Learning Platform, as it’s something very tangible to look back on. We took it from being just a concept to the platform we have today used by all of us at Emergn and our clients to learn about VFQ. It was a little hard to let go after four years, but it’s exciting to see it continue to evolve and improve from my new perspective as a user of it rather than its product manager. 

What advice would you give to someone joining Emergn?

There are so many really smart people working at Emergn with excellent knowledge and a wealth of experience, so seize any opportunity to learn from them. Whether that’s through attending more formal Lunch & Learn events, working together on a project, or just going for a (virtual) coffee. Everyone is very friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for a bit of their time. 

If there is a role or an area of the business that you’re interested in and in which you believe you could add value and have more scope to grow and develop, speak to your manager about it. “In the right role” is one of the measures of the Incredible Talent Journey, and you have input into that. 

If you’re looking for a new adventure and you feel like Emergn might be the right fit, explore our career opportunities.