VFQ, the heart of Emergn – Alex’s story

Alex's story - shown as a presentation on a laptop

The art of knowledge sharing is a necessity for a company to grow and succeed. We think of it as going beyond just being informed, as it ensures more employees become experts and are armed with much more than the basic skills necessary to do their jobs. This fosters success for both individuals and teams. Knowledge sharing has always played a very important role in our culture.

During the first months of the year, we ran a series of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions on VFQ, our knowledge-based learning system. We wanted to tell the VFQ story through our people and their experiences so everyone in the company has the same foundation of knowledge and understanding.

Our mission statement says: We improve the way people and companies work. Forever. The forever part speaks of leaving a lasting change, which we have been doing through the years with VFQ. So, we started our lunch & learn sessions with the origins – how VFQ occupied a more important role in our company over time.

Emergn CEO Alex Adamopoulos shared the story of how VFQ was created, developed and eventually launched in 2012 as a knowledge-based learning system that’s become the heart of Emergn.

Enjoy watching event highlights!