What’s life like inside Emergn?

Lady using a laptop

Today your home is your office. And your office – an extension to your home. You meet colleagues in Zoom or MS Teams calls sitting at the same table where later that day your family gathers for dinner. That makes it even more important to be happy with the job you do and work environment you are in.

Before accepting any new career opportunity, you want to make sure if the position is a good fit for your career track. Does the company’s culture match your values and leadership style foster your best performance? Are there proper career growth and learning opportunities?  We’re excited to launch our career’s blog “Inside Emergn”. We will spotlight our amazing people, extraordinary career paths, our learning culture and much more.

What’s the best way to launch a career’s blog? By engaging and spotlighting our own people. So, we asked them a simple question: “What’s life like inside Emergn”?

Here’s what made our day.

“Emergn is an extraordinary place. I feel encouraged to be innovative, creative, and customer centric. Its a forward-thinking and open culture where people want to collaborate and there’s just a general sense of positivity. Emergn doesn’t simply hire top-class professionals who approach their work with passion and dedication. These professionals are all unique personalities who genuinely love life.”

Edijs, UX/UI Designer

“For me, Emergn is all about the continuous learning. Whilst we see and know typical patterns we struggle with in our work, understanding the context of the client and their business is crucial to helping solve their problems. Working at Emergn proves no two organizations are the same and you always need a sense of curiosity and openness to learn. This unique approach to work, provides me with energy and motivation through the challenges and learnings along the way.”

Claire, Trainer

“Such a great, welcoming, and trusting atmosphere – happy to work with my amazing colleagues in such a challenging client engagement. Emergn provides an environment where you can improve yourself and your skills all the time and be part of something great and meaningful. Grateful to be in the team!”

Lita, Delivery Manager

“Life inside Emergn is about collaboration, transparency and innovation. It is about working with awesome people all over the world, who share their knowledge, culture, and experiences. It is great to be a part of an amazing community with the right mindset of learning and sharing, to deliver great experiences and improve the way companies work.”

Paulina, Senior UX/UI Designer

“Every day is a challenge. Every day we need to bring our best and go beyond. This comes easy when you have a supporting, inspiring, and encouraging team. It’s particularly interesting when you consider we’ve been growing as a company in the middle of a pandemic. It’s amazing to be part of a growing team in a new location for Emergn even if we can’t share the same space yet. This makes us be more creative on how we engage with each other and I have no doubts I’m learning every day.”

Paulo, Talent Acquisition Specialist

It is important for me to know what I am building, what problems we are solving for the end user – a real person, whose experience we’re improving by the product we’ve built. It is very, very satisfying and rewarding.”

Samuel, Senior .NET Developer

“In Emergn you are always in an amazing community, probably the best team in the world! Any “problems” transform into challenging and interesting work and you can get any help you need. I feel I can deal with any new task that comes ahead as I have every opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills by obtaining new experience and working closely with my colleagues. It is unbelievably valuable that you can reach out to anyone in the company if you need it – no matter how far or how “top” they are, you can always get their attention. Emergn is my wonderful working family, which I enjoy meeting at work, lunch or free time –to simply have fun together!”

Ksenia, Training Manager