Disruptive change requires preparation

Disruptive change - one person on a laptop whist another is taking notes

Incoming technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) are good examples of how disruptive technology will force new thinking for organizations and leaders as they prepare for the changes that these technologies are bringing to our day-to-day lives.

With any introduction of change that is disruptive, there are specific things that those in leadership roles can do to be better prepared. I’ve seen exhaustive lists but it all starts with how we think about something from which actions will flow.

Specifically, there are three ways of thinking that we can implement to respond better:

Start with why – The impact on culture begins with an acceptance that your identity and ideas will be challenged.

Reset expectations – Ask the hard questions and stop making assumptions based on expectations that live off of past success.

Mindset shift – It will inherently require thinking differently about your organization and it’s people. Employ a discovery mindset.


How can you and your team take these three principles and use them to respond better to the disruptive changes that lie ahead?