[Podcast] Lessons From China’s Innovators

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Chinese innovators are making their mark globally. What can leaders and entrepreneurs around the world learn from the innovation happening in this country? Authors Mark Greeven, George Yip and Wei Wei join us to discuss their new book, Pioneers, Hidden Champions, Changemakers, and Underdogs: Lessons from China’s Innovators. They explain the four different type of innovators in China, the successes of Western companies that have tried to move into this market, and the lessons the rest of us can learn from China’s startup culture.

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  • Mark J. Greeven Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD Business School in Lausanne
  • George S. Yip Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Imperial College Business School in London
  • Wei Wei Founder and CEO of the Shanghai-based consulting firm GSL Innovation

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This season, we’re talking about innovation. How do great leaders inspire, engage and motivate their people to create lasting innovations that lead to personal growth and business value?

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