Two heads are better

Two heads are better - colleagues working together on code

Extreme programming (XP) introduced the idea of pair programming. This was the idea that two engineers worked on the same piece of code. This raised eyebrows with managers everywhere. Surely, this couldn’t be the most productive way to develop software?

Well, there have been studies that show it is more productive. And it’s not just for software. Any creative, inventive or knowledge-based activity can benefit from having two heads working on it at the same time. The benefits are immediate feedback on design and implementation details. You can get a real-time discussion on the best way to achieve an outcome. You can spot defects immediately and this leads to a reduction in costs over time. You also get the benefit of having more than one person intimately familiar with the piece of work which is helpful when you need to remember why you did something or what actually was implemented.


Is there something you’re currently working on where an extra head (or a pair of eyes) might be helpful?