Ukraine - Dnipro

Product owner

Full-time - Engineering
Improve the way people and companies work. Forever.
We are Emergn.  We are a different type of services firm.  We are passionate about helping companies build better products. 
Our work is complex.  Helping our customers solve their hardest problems in order that they can build better products, is both stimulating and challenging.  To serve our clients well, we are building a diverse and talented, global team, who focus on supporting their colleagues, delighting our clients and upholding the Emergn Way with pride.  In return, we are focused on providing our people with interesting and meaningful work in an environment where they feel respected, appreciated and rewarded for their contributions.
Role overview:
An Emergn Product Owner delivers products that our clients’ customers LOVE. They do this by focusing on solving problems, to ‘Build Better Products’ that; deliver an excellent customer experience, deliver business benefits FAST and use technology that is flexible and built to extend and scale.
Responsibilities and duties:
  • Lead the development of the new solutions in the one of the biggest and challenging IT projects in Baltics, monitor features, performance, and process,
  • Understand the customer – their needs, pains, and jobs-to-be-done, determining current and future need using things like; customer profiles, personas and user journeys,
  • Contributes to visualising, measuring, and tracking the flow of work within the development team, optimizing for value delivered each sprint,
  • Establish a product roadmap with fast feedback loops,
  • Manage and control a product backlog and backlog refinement,
  • Manage the transition from any current, to new systems including building the communication plan, data migration and identifying the capability requirements
Expectations and skills:
  • Successful end-to-end product development experience in role of product owner,
  • Strong knowledge of software development lifecycle,
  • Experience or deep understanding of how public sector operates,
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills,
  • Higher education (at least Bachelor’s degree),

  • As advantage:
  • Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Master certification
Following the Emergn Way we will offer:
  • We care for and invest in people. We will support you on your path for success, to become the best professional within your IT field. 
  • Provide an environment with communities of practice, for exchanging knowledge and best practice sharing, across all of our teams.
  • Give insight and practical usage of "Value, Flow, Quality" mindset via training and experience sharing among colleagues.
  • Provide an excellent onboarding experience.
  • Hold regular performance reviews (enabling performance) and provide constructive feedback.
  • Sponsor your participation in conferences, meet-ups, and other training, to help you enhance your skills.