Dream big, work hard

Dream big. Work hard. Doing one without the other probably won’t work well. Dreaming without hard work will likely lead to missed opportunities and frustration. Working hard without having a [...]

Good examples

Mark Twain once said, “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” Unfortunately, when you’re put on the spot to conjure up a good example for a given situation [...]

Be patient

Winning is a recipe. Developing the products that change a market, delighting a customer and impacting how you run a company are all recipes that include several key ingredients; patience being [...]


Many companies have rituals when special things happen. Every year at the Year Beginning Meetings, Walmart have a ‘ringing of the bell’ ceremony that signifies when someone has done something [...]

Fix broken windows

In March 1982, a paper was written about how some housing estates decayed over time and became places where crime thrived. The reason was broken windows. Apparently, when a broken window goes for [...]


Jony Ive gives very few interviews. His team are an integral part of Apple’s success, and he seldom shares secrets. In this year’s interview, he shared some insights as to what makes his team [...]