How do you implement better ways of working?

Better ways of working

Creative product design, confident product delivery and curious quality assurance.

Have you ever wondered how you can adopt new, modern ways of working that advance your organization’s strategic goals, the work you do for your clients and your own professional development? Welcome to Emergn’s Better Ways of Working series, which features videos and blog posts where you’ll hear directly from our experts on the approaches we use here at Emergn to achieve just that.

Our approach to innovative, modern ways of working centers on Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ), our work-based principles and practice framework. The VFQ approach enables people to learn and adopt new ways of working to deliver products, services or ideas to market. Armed with VFQ principles, our teams creatively solve challenges throughout every stage of product creation, from design to delivery and testing.

This series provides a deep dive into how we approach creative product design, confident product delivery and curious quality assurance through more innovative ways of working.

Video series

Our approach to modern ways of working