The Emergn Way: we bring new perspectives to get better results

When teams are open to diverse viewpoints and fresh ideas, they unlock a wealth of untapped potential – new perspectives challenge conventional thinking, break through limitations, and inspire innovative solutions.

The Emergn Way is a set of guiding principles that inform our team’s decisions, behavior, and work. Its third and last principle, “We bring new perspectives to get better results,” emphasizes the importance of bringing new ideas and perspectives to drive better outcomes. By embracing different viewpoints, we create an environment that encourages continuous learning, promotes creativity, and fuels positive change. This commitment to embracing new perspectives enables us to approach challenges from multiple angles, leading to exceptional outcomes for our customers.

Deep dive into the third principle of The Emergn Way.

Fostering a discovery mindset

One of our key approaches to finding different ideas is to adopt a discovery mindset. Rather than relying only on individual contributions, we know the best ideas arise from collective efforts and different perspectives. That’s why we encourage employees to explore new techniques and approaches with open discussions where new perspectives are always welcomed and highly valued.

Visualization and experimentation

To foster new perspectives, we support our teams with the tools and techniques to think creatively and step outside their comfort zones. Visualization and experimentation are key techniques that enable teams to challenge conventional thinking and explore innovative solutions. Using these methods helps teams to uncover fresh insights and perspectives that lead to innovative solutions.

I am empowered to be a proactive team member and focus on certain techniques like visualization and experimentation that help us as a team to think outside the box and brainstorm on creative solutions.

Carla Silva, Business Analyst

Technology that aligns with customer needs

We’re excited about embracing new technologies, but we know technology alone does not guarantee success. Instead, we focus on understanding the capabilities and limitations of various technologies while also working closely with customers to comprehend their unique use cases. It’s through experiments and practical applications that we discover the technologies that truly provide new perspectives and insights while addressing the needs of our customers. 

Value, Flow, Quality

Our Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) philosophy forms the foundation for approaching challenges and driving better results at Emergn. The principles within VFQ guide us in delivering value early and often, optimizing the flow of work end to end, and discovering quality through fast feedback. By applying the VFQ principles, our teams become more customer-centric, focusing on real value and meaningful work.

By framing and reframing the way we look at problems and leveraging our Value, Flow, Quality philosophy, we’re able to bring new perspectives that shape better approaches, helping our clients turn their best ideas into impactful outcomes.

Daniel Barton, Head of Brand Design and Production

The Emergn Way’s third principle is all about a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and embracing change. After all, we are the biggest advocates of transformation – which can only be done with an open mindset to new ideas and change. Within Emergn, every team member is empowered to contribute and bring new perspectives. We value and motivate proactive participation, visualization of problems, and seeking feedback to foster an environment of innovation. Through the application of the VFQ philosophy and a collaborative mindset, our teams create innovative solutions and exceed customer expectations.

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