When an entire industry is moving online, how do you keep pace?

The challenge

Travelers and holidaymakers everywhere rely more and more on online services to plan and book their trips. This has led to a rapidly growing demand from travel industry players for direct and branded discovery platforms.

In the case of our client, the discovery portals need to be powered by a platform that rapidly delivers localized portal solutions across a range of European countries.

But they lacked the internal development team capacity to satisfy growing demand and take full advantage of market opportunities.


Working with the client’s internal development team, we built a platform that would eliminate outages, be readily scalable, and robust enough to process constantly increasing transaction volumes.

The platform we developed also allowed for the rapid delivery of localized portal solutions across different European countries.

We also implemented improvements for intensive SEO optimization across the platform and enhanced the stability of the client’s B2B services.

Our impact

Our work with the client ensured they remained a viable online operator in the fast-changing online travel agency market.

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