How does a financial services firm use its digital architecture to build market share and increase growth?

The challenge

This financial services institution was laboring under an outdated legacy architecture that prevented it from responding to customer needs as fast as its competitors.

The firm needed to re-platform using a new tech stack with a more modern architecture. But it also needed to ensure it could use this opportunity to address many of its user and customer pain points.

The new functionality would also have to act as a foundation for future growth and help ward off more innovative competitors that were threatening to eat the market share it had worked so hard to establish in the past.


To undertake such a significant transition under clear strategic objectives, we recommended Leading By Example. This approach embeds people with the right skills to tackle immediate priorities and make sure the work gets done properly.

Taking our Experience Design approach, our people worked within the client’s Customer Experience (CX) team to define ways of working, by validating user journeys through usability testing, shaping and contributing to the design system which allowed them to create rapid prototypes faster to validate and increase the delivery of product increments.

Experience Design is all about building user and customer feedback at the heart of the product development process. It’s also about building the right product for the customer and building it right.

The business didn’t have time to recruit and retrain its internal teams fast enough to meet the needs of the program. Using Leading By Example, they had experts instantly available to start improving the design and delivery aspects of the product development lifecycle alongside their internal team. Our teams used the UX findings and recommendations from user research and usability testing to inform feature design and shape the product strategy. This has allowed the business to validate customer journeys and identify pain points that have previously caused them problems to then address.

Through experienced practitioners contributing to the use of a design system, we were able to demonstrate how to establish new working practices, better utilize data and highlight the importance of user feedback to ensure they built the right thing.

Our product designers and UX researchers worked with the product owners and delivery teams to highlight and shape the changes within specific customer journeys. This meant then being able to create new functionality to address specific pain points or missed opportunities.

Our impact

Through Leading By Example, our team has been able to demonstrate to the client what “good” really looks like.

Experience Design itself involves design thinking and customer understanding. We put in place tight feedback loops for user input so that product designers were ready to rapidly respond to shifts in user and consumer needs.

By working with Emergn, the business has been able to support a transition to a new digital architecture with meaningful impact to the business. It has been able to align the design process with product development to improve the flow of work. It has also acquired new ways of working and an approach to product delivery that can adapt to constantly changing requirements.

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