How do you make a leap in engagement when you’ve already set such a high bar?

The challenge

BALTA is very proud of its high Net Promoter Score (NPS) among customers. But the company isn’t one for sitting still. It wanted to boost online sales, claims and renewals while enhancing the overall customer experience for its latest product – KASKO vehicle coverage.

BALTA’s Web Business Development Manager, Kristaps Ermansons, sensed there could be room for improvement with the existing customer portal. However, he lacked the insights to turn that gut feeling into action and create a business case for change that would get buy-in from the leadership team. With a burning desire to understand how to improve the portal, Kristaps asked Emergn to run a UX Expert Review.


Our UX Expert Review identifies the areas where users are struggling with a product. It maps user experiences against usability guidelines and best practices to find those points of friction.

The first phase of our UX Expert Review is known as “Understanding the ecosystem”. This is all about knowing where things stand and what needs to be done. 

After an initial deep dive into the KASKO ecosystem, we mapped three customer journeys against 10 different heuristic criteria. Our results identified issues that needed fixing as well as key UX performance indicators by measuring their severity and frequency. The BALTA team could then use these to translate the progress and success of their later UX changes into tangible metrics for other stakeholders. 

This process also helped us talk through design trade-offs with the BALTA team and prioritize efforts to resolve the problems found. And all of our recommendations were set out in clear and actionable report.

By returning to the bigger picture within the report, we also provided guidance on designing for future interactions and user requirements.

The return on investment was fully justified. I really appreciated Emergn’s ability to put itself in the role of our customer and validate the process from a role perspective. The content of the report not only gives us UX improvements for specific processes, but also allows us to learn and gain experience, which can be applied in the further development of the UX experience.

Kristaps Ermansons, Web Business Development Manager, BALTA

Our impact

BALTA’s team needed support to ensure its high standards weren’t slipping. They wanted a simple action plan for optimizing online experiences and dealing with any current frustrations.

Our report set out ways to improve user experiences ordered by ease, cost, and urgency. We gave the BALTA team new insights into the most pressing issues. And by using a heuristic evaluation we could quickly provide a problem severity scale as well as the best solutions.

An entire website redesign was something the BALTA team was keen to avoid. So we presented specific interface improvements that would still make a significant difference to users.

Our UX Expert Review showed BALTA how to reduce its UX debt – the higher cost of maintaining a good user experience due to shortcuts taken during the creation and development process. With our report, BALTA received a definitive action plan for improving its portal usability by prioritizing problems. With a renewed understanding of its customer journeys, BALTA is also able to make changes that will increase online sales, claims, and renewals now and into the future. So it can stay one step ahead of the competition.


Anticipated pay-off of BALTA’s existing UX debt


Target for claims made online (from base of 77%)

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