Agility is not the goal

Agility is not the goal - business people about to start a sprint race

Agile has been around for almost two decades now and in recent years, along with DevOps, it’s been a buzzword in the business world.

Everyone wants to introduce it to their organization, they ask for experts’ help to implement it, and for some, it seems like the solution to all of their problems. But what is really the goal?

This should be the obvious; happy customers and thriving businesses. Sometimes we get so hooked to the idea of something new and buzzy that we forget that the whole purpose of starting a business is to generate value, and the way to do that is to please your customers.

“Agile” and “agility” are a means to an end, where the end is the above-mentioned goal. It is also worth noting that, even though these practices and techniques happen to be a pretty good fit for getting good business outcomes in most circumstances, one shoe does not fit all. There are going to be cases of companies that cannot support agile, and that’s okay. The point is that there are definitely ways to improve, one way or another, and that’s what we should aim for.


You can’t cut and paste Agile in an organization and neither should you. Instead, think whether there are ways to dynamically improve delivering towards your company’s mission.