Be patient

Be patient - lots of different clocks

Winning is a recipe. Developing the products that change a market, delighting a customer and impacting how you run a company are all recipes that include several key ingredients; patience being one.

We often associate patience with time, speed and waiting. Even worse, some of us think of it as tolerating delay. Patience is more than just learning to control emotions or learning to wait without anxiety. Patience is a carefully honed skill that understands time is required to shape the best results; that waiting is actually an active not passive state of mind and that the passing of time doesn’t always mean you’re late.

“If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough”  – Mario Andretti

In fact, patience and speed can be mutually exclusive. It’s more about the timing than the rush to get there. It’s about slowing down to go faster. We’re all conscious of high quality and quick to say things like “you can’t rush perfection” but our behavior is the opposite.


How can you apply more patience to your work? What aspects of your work can you slow down to improve results and even relationships?