Completely delighted

Completely delighted - hotel keys hanging up behind reception

We often talk about deliberately delighting our customer. I’ve heard some people say in the last year that ‘delighting’ is now an overused term. It’s probably true, as is the case with every great word – it gets used so often that eventually it can lose it’s true meaning to those that use it and hear it.

To me, delighting is still a powerful word with deep meaning. It’s more than just making someone happy with the service you provide. Delighting speaks to great pleasure and great satisfaction. It has an element of surprise associated with it because it’s meant to be the emotion someone experiences who isn’t expecting the norm. It speaks to going the extra mile, anticipating the needs of others and acting on it.

My recent stay in a hotel gave me this feeling of being delighted constantly. I don’t have the space here to describe it all but I can say that the hotel and it’s personnel were deliberate about delighting their customers and I felt that from the moment I arrived. It was beyond what I expected, especially when you expect the norm.

Perhaps delighting should be a new normal vs an old, overused term. We need to rediscover what it means to deliberately delight our customer.


Maybe we should share this insight with our customer and follow it up with a question on how they would define being deliberately delighted by us?