Continuously create value

Emergn - Continuously create value - popcorn and movie clapper board

Realize value, delivering early and often. This is one of the guiding principles of VFQ. We often get told that there are times when you can’t deliver early or often.

It’s normally connected to large scale system deliveries, transformations and migration projects, and an argument that says everything has to be released and launched at once otherwise it won’t work. The problem here is that there is an assumption value is only found in the delivery of the working system itself. But, this is not correct.

Value can be found in excitement. It can be found in communication. It can be found in alignment. It can be found in anticipation. Consider a team who are all working independently and not aligned with the goals and vision – I’m sure you can all conjure one to mind. Now, consider what life would look like if those team members were aligned and working toward a common goal. Would that be more valuable?

Over the last year, there have been a number of early releases of videos for the latest instalment in the Star Wars Franchise. Each release is free. It’s designed to create awareness. Now, the big payoff comes at the box office when the film is released. But, value is created every time the fans get excited. There may be some merchandising opportunities. Each video will definitely create some commitment to seeing the film. Maybe some of the old films get re-watched as a result. Value can be many things.


Think about the big thing you’re working on today. What other things might create value? Even if it’s not ‘tangible’, is there something you can quantify?