Developing leadership skills at all levels is a must

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We’re revisiting a couple of notable leadership thought pieces as we kick off the autumn season. A time to recalibrate and refocus on the remainder of the year. How can we improve and grow? As people, as organizations, and crucially, as leaders.

Quite simply, good leadership is on everyone’s minds. Both in terms of leadership as a behavior and leadership as a role. In our piece “Developing leaders to seed change,” we talk about change as a fundamental part of the working landscape. As something that doesn’t just happen superficially, but is constant, ever-evolving, and permeates entire organizations. Hence, adaptive leadership is crucial. If you really want to innovate and make fast, decisive changes, it’s key to identify and develop leaders at every level of the company, from top to bottom.

In another piece, “Unlocking team potential: rethinking learning approaches for agile work environments,” we look at how this can be done through considered Learning and Development. Through using L&D not just to improve individual skills, but to upskill teams as cohesive units, learning together, and ensuring that everyone is aligned to the same goals. Because, ultimately, good leadership is about bringing people together, it’s about empowering your teams, and creating a culture of confidence.

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