Emergn’s technology direction and growth plans for 2022

The first few months of each new year bring a frenzy of trends and predictions. From Gartner, for example, we get “12 technology trends for 2022.” With twelve broad trends it’s easy to find evidence for most of them, especially in large enterprises. Recognizing concerns about security and data privacy is too easy. That modern solutions are being built for cloud platforms is also a given.

As we continue to serve some of the world’s most notable pharma, insurance, fintech and energy companies, the trends we believe in are the ones we invest in to serve our clients better. Instead of adding to the abundance of trends, I offer an overview of the technology and talent investments we are making in 2022 to boost our competitiveness and bring value to our clients. Or in plain English, putting our money where our mouth is.

Experience Design

More and more companies have come to realize that competition has shifted. It’s not the brand, the features or the price that make customers come back. It’s the experience. Garter calls it “Total Experience,” Forrester, “Anticipatory Experience.” Regardless of the naming, what we plan to do in 2022 is to keep building out our Design Practice.

As more enterprises become familiar with KPIs and measurements for usability and accessibility, the more we expect to see demand for Design Systems. We are investing heavily in both talent and IP in design-as-code.  Integrating design work and tools with product management and building design system components with DevOps toolchains is what we believe in.

Intelligent Automation

Covid has without doubt accelerated the need for remote working and automation. Our investment and focus on Automation will continue with Microsoft Power and Mendix as our primary technology platforms. For workflow and decision automation, we will continue to build on our Camunda and Azure experiences.

Data and Analytics

This is the area where we expect to grow the most over the coming year. The need to store, process and serve more data—cleaner and faster—will only grow.

Data Platforms

On the data platform front, cloud-based platforms spearheaded by Snowflake and Amazon are gaining market share. We are looking forward to helping many clients migrate their on-premises licensed SAP and Oracle solutions to become SaaS-based over the coming months.

Data Science

Tools and techniques are rapidly evolving. We are especially excited about the advances with NLP and OpenAIs GPT-3 in particular. Practically, we will continue building on several solutions with Azure Cognitive Services and predominantly hiring Python developers.

Business Intelligence

Even though SalesForce bought Tableau, we expect to see much more business conducted and decisions made based on MS Power BI platform in the coming year.  

Making it all come together

The real magic is making it all come together into solutions that provide amazing, data-driven experiences for their users. Great technology must be paired with great modern ways of working.

The secret behind the application of great technologies and tools is the same as modern ways of working. The best ones are the ones that work best in your context for:

  • Delivering value early and often
  • Optimizing the flow of work end to end
  • Discovering quality with fast feedback 

The natural starting point is automation. Automation enables flexible, scalable solutions to be built and released quickly and frequently while maintaining high quality.

That’s why we at Emergn are not married to any single vendor or technology. We work with JavaScript, Python, .Net and many more. The right technology and what we recommend is what best fits each of our client’s products and strategies.