Explorer, pioneer or settler

Explorer, pioneer, settler - Man in canoe in cave on the coastline

There is a lot of talk at the moment about space exploration and going to Mars. The excitement of space exploration disappeared during the 90s and 2000s ever since a number of high-profile disasters and tragedies. Today, however, SpaceX is doing some amazing work trying to figure out how to make rockets reusable. Running hundreds of experiments on how to get them to land and take-off again. The international space station is allowing scientists and astronauts to run experiments to see how living in space affects humans. There is a growing sense of adventure as we learn more that might come in use over the coming decades as we start to explore the regions of space close to us. One TV program recently discussed the history of exploration on earth. There were three type of people described: The explorer, the pioneer and the settler. Explorers were the brave souls who knew nothing about the environment they were going into. Pioneers followed behind and figured out how to make the most of the environments they found themselves in. The settlers were those who figured out how to efficiently and effectively exploit the environment.


In the business area you’re in who are the explorers, the pioneers and the settlers? What is your place in the environment and what skills do you need to develop?