Nurturing leadership in today’s workplace

It’s all about the people

The last few years have seen massive changes in the way we work. We’ve seen tech advancement hitting a gallop, we’ve seen the geography of the workplace undergoing a dramatic facelift – with offices often half empty (or, yes, half full depending on your world view), and more and more employees working from home. Yet despite all of this, the most successful companies still recognize that their people, not their tech, are their greatest asset.

Truth is, the pandemic caused a disconnect with humanity that continues to ripple through the working world. All of the remote work, Zoom calls, and general uncertainty has taken a toll on teams. But strong leaders know they must harness the power of real connection to create and nurture strong empathetic relationships with their workforce. We’ve previously written about striking the right balance between creative destruction and valuing the people who are crucial to your business – namely, your customers and your workforce.

And at the recent World of Learning Summit (watch all sessions on-demand), there was much discussion around the importance of empowering teams through good leadership. Not just setting cursory goals for the sake of it, but committing to real learning with tangible outcomes, and structured mentorship in the workplace. Not just managing, but fostering employee growth.

Teach employees to learn and make it a real part of their day-to-day.

Good leadership is contagious

We know that the last few years have been hard. But great leaders galvanize teams even in the face of adversity. They’re storytellers. They embolden their workforce. They stay connected to their mission and work to ensure that everyone is aligned with it, all the way from the top down. They challenge the status quo to drive value. One of our books, “Why Change?” helps leaders step back and re-evaluate the work and how their teams approach it. 

Our mission statement at Emergn is: “We improve the way people and companies work. Forever”. It’s a bold declaration, but crucially, it’s one that we believe in. We work together towards a shared goal, and the success and leadership that comes with that are contagious. It inspires the next generation of leaders to come forward.