Our alliance with Strategyzer, driving innovation forward

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One of the classic business conundrums is what to do with great ideas when you have them. This is a universal head-scratcher, but particularly tricky for organizations that are already excelling in the marketplace. Because the truth is, the business model that got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you want to be in the future.

As such, it’s the businesses that are willing to reinvent themselves, with the infrastructure in place to do so, who will always be one step ahead – no matter how counterintuitive it can seem to kick against the current of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

So, the question ultimately becomes: is it possible to innovate, reinvest, and still deliver a world-class operation?

To this, our answer is always YES, but this month it’s become even more emphatic with the news that we’ve joined forces with Strategyzer.

Strategyzer is a world leader in helping organizations develop and crystallize new ideas, while Emergn’s expertise has always been in commercializing those ideas with diagnostics, toolkits, and a suite of learning solutions.

Our alliance helps companies close the gap between the desire for change and the ability to make it happen by creating a dual mindset organization. Read more about the dual mindset organization in our insight paper.

We understand that business models expire all the time. That the long-term demands of organizations require resilience, and the agility to create new value propositions in a landscape that never stops evolving. So, a simple ‘Step One’ is to foster a culture of innovation, to make it a part of your company’s DNA. Because if the ability to explore is in the very bones of your business, you’re already on the right track.

So, together with Strategyzer, we’re looking to promote this willingness to change and to encourage a thirst for new ways of thinking. We honestly couldn’t be more excited about this alliance, and about bridging the gap between innovation and transformation.

Watch Strategyzer’s CEO Alexander Osterwalder discuss our alliance on Sky News.