[Podcast] The servant leader and a projects to products mindset

Emerging World of Work Podcast - Leader helping team members

A veteran of IT management and delivery, Randy Salley has had the opportunity to peek inside many enterprises and see how they run their IT functions. He now advises tech startups who are looking to get a head start in the retail industry. So, he’s got strong opinions about what works and what doesn’t. We asked him how IT leaders can better manage their teams to deliver the best results, including how to position themselves as servant leaders.


  • Randy Salley, former SVP of Retail Technology at Walmart, and a veteran of IT management and delivery

The Emerging World of Work is podcast for leaders who want to ensure their business is keeping pace in a constantly changing landscape and in a strong position to grow. Each episode explores a different theme related to the world of work, with insights from the world’s top thinkers on the transformative enterprise.

This season, we’re talking about management: the human dimension. What are the skills, perspectives, and qualities of great leaders, and how do they help businesses deliver value? We want to find out.

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