Unchartered territory

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How are you differentiating yourself? What do you do that your competitors can’t do as well? Why should your customer remain your customer? These are questions that we ask often – maybe not exactly in this way, but these and similar questions are needed to keep us attentive and aware of what’s needed to stay relevant. One of the challenges all companies face is whether to compete along similar lines or try and differentiate completely.

There is risk associated with both approaches but the latter is often ignored because it doesn’t or can’t offer us the clarity or visibility we need to feel comfortable. It’s easy or even flippant to say we need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, but there is profound truth in that cute quip. Sometimes we know we’re sitting on a good idea but can’t muster up the courage to take it forward. My sample size is likely small but I can point to many examples where I’ve seen outstanding results from a decision to be different.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”  – Harold R. McAlindon


What idea or initiative are you sitting on that you’re neglecting to take forward out of fear or uncertainty? How can you shift your mindset and even your client’s by shaping your value proposition differently?