[Podcast] Unlocking Innovation with the Power of Play

Emerging World of Work Podcast - person building a wall with lego blocks

Creativity is in high demand in the workplace, both among front-line workers and leadership. But do our current ways of working support innovative, imaginative ideas? Johan Roos believes play nurtures the imagination, so you can put it to more productive use. Johan is the co-inventor of LEGO Serious Play, a methodology designed to enhance innovation and business performance through playtime. We ask him how he created the concept, how play helps leaders unlock their capacity to innovate, and why he feels it’s more useful than ever in our current business climate.


  • Johan Roos – Professor and Chief Academic Officer at the HULT International Business School

The Emerging World of Work is podcast for leaders who want to ensure their business is keeping pace in a constantly changing landscape and in a strong position to grow. Each episode explores a different theme related to the world of work, with insights from the world’s top thinkers on the transformative enterprise.

This season, we’re talking about innovation. How do great leaders inspire, engage and motivate their people to create lasting innovations that lead to personal growth and business value?

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