More than Agile

Over the last 20 years there has been a growing movement of change in business. It coincides with the rise of the internet, the dot-com boom, the iPhone, AI, cryptocurrencies and other [...]


Iteration is the act or process of repeating. When new teams come to agile ways of working they can mistake the benefit of iteration. They start by breaking work down into sprints and increments, [...]

Two heads are better

Extreme programming (XP) introduced the idea of pair programming. This was the idea that two engineers worked on the same piece of code. This raised eyebrows with managers everywhere. Surely, [...]

Evolution of practice

Many people in the Agile community would bristle at the term ‘best practice’. Not because, in some situations, there are best practices, but because it’s a term that limits thinking, [...]


“Scrum is just this tiny set of rules that identifies problems. Your job as a team is to solve those problems, drawing solutions from any and all disciplines that can assist you.” – Ron Jeffries [...]

The Cost of Delay

One mistake teams new to Agile development make is an overeagerness to always work on the highest value items. Once there are mechanisms to prioritize and make choices, there can be a knee-jerk [...]