Assume positive intent

Running a business, delivering projects, and crafting products are three activities that can create conflict or joy, and every emotion in between.

Whenever you bring something new into the world or create something that others can envy or compete against, you are bound to come across naysayers and supporters alike. Conflict can also arise between teams, departments and leaders of the same company. It is normal.

One principle that is universally helpful is to assume positive intent. Thinking that everyone is out to get you or that they’re doing you down is just not helpful. In some cases, it might actually be true, but thinking such thoughts isn’t useful to either of you. This post is a good example of how taking a more positive approach can lead to good and better things.

In the process of creating something new, you are going to get feedback. Lots of it. Some you will like. Some you won’t. But, if you assume positive intent you will be able to take what you hear and learn and apply the insights in a way that will improve your ideas.


This week, practice assuming positive intent. Believe that every piece of feedback, criticism and debate is done for the best reasons.


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