Continuously improving

Continuous Improvement is a term that gets used a lot, but often without much action or intent.

It’s used more as a platitude that’s being loosely applied. I saw this post on LinkedIn and thought it was a great example of what continuous improvement could look like.

  • There’s a target: hopefully the team was involved in coming up with a concrete and stretching goal.
  • It’s visible:  there is a chart that shows how many goals have been achieved and everyone can get motivated by the progress.
  • It helps define the value: “That’s 608 things … now that are easier, better, faster or cheaper than … in 2017.”

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is something that is intensely practical. Improvement can come from anywhere. Set some targets and start tracking how many improvements you’re making.

Build a visualization for tracking how you will bring to life a way of making many small improvements over the coming 12 months.


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