Create snowballs

“Some don’t go very far. But some get pretty big once they start rolling.”

Hugh Macleod has been writing and running businesses for decades. He’s pretty successful in his field. In his book, Evil Plans, he laments that even with all of the experience has has he rarely knows what will resonate with people. He says: “I put stuff out there – cartoons, prints, a book, a blog post…. whatever. Some of it works, some of it goes nowhere”. Hugh references a number of other people who are successful in making impact in the world and they do it by, what they call, ‘creating snowballs’. The trick is to do it quickly and inexpensively. Some of them will gain traction, some of them won’t. Your job is to find out which ones will as fast as possible.

This is true whether affecting change in an organization or making an impact in a market with a changed or new product. You don’t know what will definitely work. You have ideas and some of them will fly and some will fail.


What snowballs can you make with your product or service, or within the organization you’re working in that can help your ideas gain traction?

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