Freedom culture

We talk about culture and how important it is to the lifeblood of an organization, but what are really asking for?

What type of culture do we want and how are we defining it by our actions and words? What questions are we asking or feel comfortable asking in order to get answers to the uncertain and complex issues?

If the freedom to ask questions and to challenge is something we believe will help us, then we need to demonstrate asking and challenging and communicate inside the organization, starting with our team.

Hal Gregersen just published his new book, Questions are the Answer – his basic premise is that we might be asking the wrong questions to try and solve our most challenging problems. Hal’s work in this area is worth knowing.

I’d add, however, that before we can determine if we’re asking the right questions, we need to make sure the people on our team know they have the freedom to ask any question.

Doubts that don’t become questions only lead to unsolved problems.

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