Giving and taking

One of the more interesting books I’ve read is the Paradox of Generosity by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson. The authors make the point that people who are generous in giving their time and resources experience better outcomes.

They also point out that few people are actually generous and tend to hold on to things without ever really considering how or why they would share more openly.

Generosity is actually a paradox when it exists in relationships, especially in business. The risk of giving is that the person receiving will eventually stop being grateful and may even expect more as an entitlement.

I believe that generosity is a soft skill we need to practice more, even at the risk of others becoming ungrateful. The idea of building high performing organizations starts with clear direction and open communication, but it is also supported by leaders who give and share.

Let’s be different and better in how we look after our organizations. Generosity is wrong only if the motivation behind it is based on what we get from giving.

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