Scrum – the diagram

The VFQ team are constantly seeking to challenge, improve, and collate information into the best education programme in the world. This has led us down the path of tackling titans like Dan Pink, seeking down books long out of print and talking to lots of people to find different examples from around the world. We are looking forward to showing people some of the product in August at our launch in Texas, Agile 2012.

Today, it’s the turn of the Scrum Diagram (sometimes called the Snowman) to be challenged.

The current and most popular diagram is one that we felt did not really serve the purpose of explaining Scrum as well as we hoped. In the first instance, it looks very linear (more akin to waterfall), and secondly, it misses things like events of Scrum. It’s like a pair of old slippers, we are very comfortable with it, but it just has too many holes.

Scrum - popular diagram

We believe the Scrum Alliance is aware of this, since the picture they display on their website today is from Mitch Lacey.

Scrum Framework

We wanted to see if we could further improve the diagram, and below is our result. We have been through a few iterations and intend to do some more. Once we are happy, and if we have enough positive feedback, we will release a pdf poster version of it, and a high resolution image.

VFQ Scrum Diagram

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