Stop stealing

What do you think of when you hear the word – stealing? I suppose we think of someone taking something that isn’t theirs in a dishonest manner. It’s not a nice word and I can’t think of a scenario where it’s used in a positive context. It is, however, something that we’re all guilty of doing all too often in our professional life. One thing I see time and again is people taking credit for other people’s work. This is a form of stealing. When this happens, we are stealing another person’s reputation and not just their work. Ironically, most people can see through the veneer of “taking credit that doesn’t belong to you”, but that doesn’t seem to stop some of us.

Perhaps it’s a form of insecurity that leads us to do it; thinking that others won’t notice the good things about us and how hard we work. Maybe it’s more sinister than that; believing that to get ahead and be noticed it’s necessary to step over some people. Perhaps their work isn’t good enough and they know that they don’t have all the answers so taking someone else’s makes more sense.

Great organizations are ones that embody humility, collaboration and selflessness. They focus on putting others first and by doing so, they often find that they too get the accolades.


Whose work and reputation have you stolen lately? How can you make it right?

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