The ground is flat

You might not actually hear someone say “that’s not my job”, but sometimes people behave in such a way that this statement is clearly communicated.

It’s likely we wouldn’t admit that we see some jobs to be done as beneath us, but it’s also likely that we do indeed see some tasks in that light.

The business community talks a lot about servant leaders, but how does that play out practically? I love the old story of the American news reporter that came to England in the 1800’s to see the famous preacher, Charles Spurgeon, whose reputation had reached American shores. The reporter arrived early at Metropolitan Tabernacle to find no one there yet, other than a man sweeping the front steps to get the place ready for the service.

The reporter was told to come back in an hour, which he did and made his way to the front to get a good seat and to ensure he could see Spurgeon after for an interview. When the service started, the reporter was astonished to see that Spurgeon was the man he met earlier outside sweeping the steps.

There’s no job too small or too insignificant for any leader to do in an organization. 

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