Throw spaghetti

Trying anything that seems logical isn’t always the logical thing to do.

I was reading an old Forbes article from 2012 related to the challenge of relying on information we read online to make important decisions vs having the intimate knowledge associated with a relationship. The article was appropriately titled “Why Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall Doesn’t Work” and its emphasis was on the poor techniques some use to get the job done.

The article says “Trusting the words without evidence can backfire. Leveraging established relationships with trusted resources can help point a candidate to the right company, an employer to the properly skilled and personality matched candidate, and a customer to the right service provider. In order for the recipe to work, each source needs to be accurate about their skills or needs and stop relying on ‘key words’ as the answer.”

Another way to look at this is to stop throwing every idea (spaghetti) at the wall and using only what seems to stick better than others. The better solution is to take a more deliberate interest and ensure you’re asking the hard questions and having the tough conversations to get to the best answer.


This week change it up a little – if you’re about to make any key decisions then consider how you might decide by using a more involved approach – a conversation, listening to a small group of trusted people…

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