Wanting to be heard

Do you remember King Solomon? He was known as the wisest and richest man that had ever lived. He had his challenges like all of us and some of them included the demands he put on the people in his nation.

When he died, his son, Rehoboam, became king. The very first thing that happened was a meeting with the people who clearly told him they would willingly follow him but they needed his help in relieving their workload and easing up a bit on taxes – sound familiar?

“People want to be heard and they want their reasonable requests to be considered and acted on.”

Rehoboam didn’t listen to the people and decided to respond negatively which resulted in disaster for him and his future as king. The story, however, teaches a profound principle about leadership; those in leadership positions aren’t expected to give in to every whim of the team but they are expected to listen and allow others to have a voice, and beyond that, take reasonable action to solve the challenges that are shared.


How can we motivate, inspire and even encourage others by demonstrating we are great listeners but also leaders that can take an action to show we’ve heard what was said?

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