What is digital?

The debate continues: what is digital? It’s one that I’ve come across many times over the last few years. Recently I came across two definitions that resonated with the work we typically do at Emergn.

Tom Loosemore describes it as: Digital: Applying the culture, practices, processes & technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.

This post is a bit more specific as it states that digital is related to smart devices, the explosion of data, cloud computing and social media. This is much closer to the previous trend of SoLoMo which describes how experiences will become Social, Local and Mobile. Basically, it’s about placing the customer at the heart of their experiences using their mobile, smart devices, connecting them to others seamlessly and ensuring their content is relevant to where they are and what they want to do.

Whether you prefer the more open definition or the one more specific, there is a debate happening inside in your organization on how best to transition your current business model to one that better capitalizes on the technology trends started in the Internet era, and better connects to customers.


Are there opportunities to introduce more customer-centered solutions to your technology product development?

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