The work doesn’t always survive

We often get asked what is the most important aspect of running a successful transformation. That’s a tough question because it isn’t a single thing, however, the support from the executive team members is critical to the overall health and lasting success of any large program of work. Teams change. Often there are reorganizations that are needed to improve results and performance.

Digital transformation isn’t an IT directive. It’s a corporate strategy and mindset but too often it is relegated only to technology without the business playing the needed role. One customer reflected on this and said: “I should have brought the business in sooner.”

Because reorganizations are a reality; because aligning technology and business is crucial and because we need the positive change to survive – we simply can’t expect that the work involved in transforming an organization lives within a chosen few. When people leave or move on, the stickiness often goes with them. This puts the burden on all of us to ensure that the work will survive because the audience is big enough to be engaged.


What actions can we take to ensure communication, collaboration and coordination are happening wide and deep enough in the organization to embed the right mindset that will survive future change?

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