Emergn Company Day: celebrating together

We are all up for celebrations the whole year round, but nothing makes us happier than to celebrate our own journey. Our journey, the Emergn journey, has taken years of hard work, boldness, fun, and lots of learnings, that took us to build the talented and united global team we are today – focused on doing meaningful work to create lasting impact, every day.

Our journey wasn’t something that happened overnight. Emergn was born in the rainy and exciting city of London, England, in 2009. Over the last thirteen years, we have grown and evolved into a company of individuals from different backgrounds and countries. We each bring unique experiences and ideas to our teams that are a reflection of our personal values – which help to write Emergn’s history each and every day. That’s why we celebrate Emergn Company Day on August 1st, 2022.

Each year, we come together to celebrate our values, history, success, and, most of all, its people through a variety of exciting team bonding activities based around a specific theme.

In past years, we have celebrated Emergn Company Day in different ways, whether it be focusing on staying connected and supporting the team through our 1st year of lockdown or with our company’s rebranding, which introduced us to a new look, go-to-market strategy, and employer brand.

2022 Emergn Company Day: 10 years of VFQ

This year, we are highlighting a theme that is especially meaningful to us: 10 years of VFQ.

If this is one of your first contacts with Emergn, and you don’t know much about VFQ, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more.

Emergn has spent more than a decade perfecting its context-specific and outcomes-driven approach to transformation based on three principles: Value, Flow, and Quality, or VFQ.

  • Deliver value early and often.
  • Optimize the flow of work end-to-end.
  • Discover quality through fast feedback.

This unique approach provides our clients with the frameworks, models, and tools needed to drive lasting, sustainable change in the way they work and transform.

VFQ is not only in the way we do business with our clients; it is at the heart of everything we do. For us, it’s a philosophy. It makes us who we are and allows us to improve the way people work, forever.

One important part of VFQ is that it’s a philosophy. It’s all about the way we work, how we think about work, how we think about systems of work, and what we teach people.

Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn

To celebrate our journey – with a special focus on the 10th anniversary of VFQ – we challenged the team throughout the week to share their 10-years-old stories, pictures, and videos from 2012; form teams, and put their trivia skills to the test in a Brain Game. Finally, we encouraged employees to create and share videos about how VFQ has impacted their lives, both professionally and personally.

Nothing says team spirit more than getting together and discussing our long history and future plans together as a team. To wrap up our celebrations, we came together for an Online Team Anniversary to remember the VFQ evolution and connect through interactive games.

The spirit of celebration and looking forward to an exciting future brings much joy, but it is the work, values, and mission that our team puts into practice every day that truly makes our history successful and brings us a sense of belonging.

If you’ve read this article with a smile on your face and an instant curiosity to meet the team, visit our Careers page and meet the opportunities we have for you to become part of the team. And work in a place where you make an impact, every day.