We’re in it together

We're in it together - preschool baseball players sat together with arms around each other

Silos are often discussed in the context of organizational design within a company, and they are the invisible (yet sometimes not so invisible) walls that separate groups, departments and people. They create an undercurrent of isolation, indifference and separation.

In effect, all the change and transformation programs that we go through as companies are, in some way, an attempt to also eradicate silos and bring people together for a common purpose and vision.

Here’s something else to consider – silos are also created when someone on the team chooses to be difficult or detached and then make comments and decisions from the sideline where it’s a little more safe. That’s simply not helpful. What is helpful is to remember we are all pulling towards a direction we believe in and it’s necessary that we’re in it together. The journey won’t be experienced in the same manner for everyone but the objective isn’t the journey, it’s the destination.


Do our words and actions tell others we’re part of the solution or are we creating more problems?